United Airlines flight arrivals to Toronto Airport (YYZ)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Toronto is GMT -5:00. Local Time at Toronto airport is 10:30 AM 2021-05-18

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA4552 (ORD) Chicago 20:36 Scheduled
UA8152 (ORD) Chicago 13:00 Scheduled On time
UA8263 (LHR) London 16:45 Scheduled On time
UA8134 (YQT) Thunder Bay 18:58 Scheduled On time
UA8054 (YQT) Thunder Bay 12:44 Scheduled On time
UA8045 (EWR) Newark 12:35 Scheduled On time
UA8269 (YHZ) Halifax 17:17 Scheduled On time
UA8048 (YQR) Regina 13:04 Arrived On time
UA8273 (YQM) Moncton 07:16 Scheduled On time
UA8638 (YXU) London 06:50 Scheduled On time
UA8271 (YHZ) Halifax 12:32 Scheduled On time
UA8219 (LHR) London 16:45 Arrived On time
UA8591 (FRA) Frankfurt 12:35 Scheduled On time
UA4609 (ORD) Chicago 12:10 Landed
UA8076 (YSB) Sudbury 07:15 Landed
UA8074 (YSB) Sudbury 07:15 Arrived On time
UA8560 (YXU) London 17:00 Arrived On time
UA8484 (YWG) Winnipeg 17:20 Arrived On time
UA8201 (EWR) Newark 18:50 Landed Late
UA8240 (YOW) Ottawa 07:05 Landed
UA1265 (ORD) Chicago 20:36 Landed Late
UA8653 (DEL) Delhi 05:15 Landed
UA8075 (YQB) Quebec 19:05 Landed
UA8600 (YWG) Winnipeg 17:20 Landed
UA8341 (PIT) Pittsburgh 16:55 Cancelled
UA8652 (DFW) Dallas 19:45 Unknown
UA8444 (YWG) Winnipeg 08:39 Landed
UA8139 (DTW) Detroit 15:27 Cancelled
UA8036 (YHZ) Halifax 11:20 Landed
UA8203 (LHR) London 11:15 Landed
UA8595 (ATH) Athens 16:15 Landed Late
UA8195 (PHL) Philadelphia 16:10 Unknown
UA8114 (BNA) Nashville 19:45 Cancelled
UA8137 (CLE) Cleveland 20:08 Landed
UA8354 (MSP) Minneapolis 09:28 Unknown
UA8168 (MCI) Kansas City 19:41 Landed
UA8077 (PHL) Philadelphia 21:18 Cancelled
UA8285 (RDU) Raleigh 08:22 Scheduled
UA8150 (DTW) Detroit 07:27 Landed
UA8239 (LGA) New York 22:10 Unknown
UA8176 (MKE) Milwaukee 19:44 Landed
UA8174 (MKE) Milwaukee 12:29 Landed
UA8265 (YHZ) Halifax 06:47 Unknown
UA8144 (DFW) Dallas 21:40 Unknown
UA8267 (YHZ) Halifax 07:57 Landed
UA8473 (SAN) San Diego 19:31 Cancelled
UA8119 (EWR) Newark 19:01 Landed
UA8598 (CVG) Cincinnati 17:43 Landed
UA8555 (DCA) Washington 07:27 Unknown
UA8022 (LAX) Los Angeles 15:38 Unknown
UA8052 (YQT) Thunder Bay 06:40 Landed
UA8231 (LGA) New York 12:52 Unknown
UA8289 (YOW) Ottawa 07:13 Landed
UA8611 (BOS) Boston 19:13 Unknown
UA8551 (DCA) Washington 18:42 Unknown
UA8227 (LGA) New York 07:37 Landed
UA8308 (ORD) Chicago 18:44 Unknown
UA8456 (DEN) Denver 16:24 Landed
UA8353 (IAH) Houston 16:50 Unknown
UA8445 (YQB) Quebec 07:05 Unknown
UA8604 (DUB) Dublin 12:45 Landed
UA8505 (EWR) Newark 07:41 Landed
UA8693 (IAD) Dulles 18:56 Landed
UA8229 (LGA) New York 07:37 Landed
UA4618 (ORD) Chicago 12:10 Landed
UA8222 (YSB) Sudbury 13:13 Landed
UA8547 (DCA) Washington 12:43 Landed
UA8541 (IAH) Houston 16:46 Landed
UA8553 (MUC) Munich 18:55 Unknown
UA8405 (VIE) Vienna 14:50 Cancelled
UA8663 (DEL) Delhi 04:30 Unknown
UA8589 (FCO) Rome 16:25 Landed
UA8529 (BOS) Boston 19:03 Landed
UA8539 (BOS) Boston 15:23 Landed
UA8603 (BCN) Barcelona 14:50 Landed Late
UA8650 (YXU) London 20:15 Landed
UA8248 (YXU) London 17:00 Landed
UA8514 (SFO) San Francisco 14:47 Landed
UA8051 (IAD) Dulles 07:54 Landed
UA8375 (CPH) Copenhagen 14:55 Cancelled
UA8373 (TXL) Berlin 15:00 Landed
UA8622 (MSY) New Orleans 19:17 Landed
UA8381 (CLE) Cleveland 15:18 Cancelled
UA8352 (ORD) Chicago 19:05 Landed
UA8281 (IAH) Houston 22:50 Landed
UA8521 (ZRH) Zurich 12:35 Landed
UA8322 (LAX) Los Angeles 23:15 Cancelled
UA8291 (YOW) Ottawa 16:15 Cancelled
UA8389 (BOS) Boston 22:00 Unknown
UA8516 (SFO) San Francisco 20:05 Landed
UA8368 (MSP) Minneapolis 13:53 Unknown
UA8283 (RDU) Raleigh 20:07 Scheduled
UA8645 (MIA) Miami 14:44 Cancelled
UA8189 (PHL) Philadelphia 07:35 Scheduled
UA8017 (MIA) Miami 00:02 Landed Late
UA8066 (BNA) Nashville 08:57 Landed
UA8133 (CLE) Cleveland 11:23 Cancelled
UA8388 (MSP) Minneapolis 19:33 Unknown
UA8450 (ORD) Chicago 15:01 Unknown
UA8436 (YVR) Vancouver 06:18 Landed
UA8038 (LIS) Lisbon 16:15 Landed Late
UA8316 (CLT) Charlotte 20:45 Landed
UA8233 (LGA) New York 18:30 Cancelled
UA8274 (LAX) Los Angeles 21:45 Landed
UA8292 (SFO) San Francisco 19:55 Landed
UA8471 (BOS) Boston 19:18 Landed
UA8086 (OPO) Porto 15:20 Landed
UA8610 (IND) Indianapolis 18:02 Landed
UA8085 (EWR) Newark 13:39 Cancelled
UA8059 (YFC) Fredericton 18:53 Landed
UA8573 (LGA) New York 12:40 Landed
UA8046 (YQR) Regina 12:52 Landed
UA8290 (YQM) Moncton 13:38 Landed
UA8518 (ORD) Chicago 17:01 Landed
UA8355 (MAD) Madrid 16:40 Landed Late
UA8396 (SFO) San Francisco 08:05 Cancelled
UA8205 (PIT) Pittsburgh 11:25 Cancelled
UA8495 (PHL) Philadelphia 21:15 Unknown
UA8429 (LGA) New York 19:58 Landed
UA8501 (LAS) Las Vegas 07:09 Landed
UA8415 (BOM) Mumbai 06:35 Landed Late
UA8426 (DEN) Denver 21:43 Unknown
UA8419 (YQB) Quebec 12:54 Landed
UA8608 (IND) Indianapolis 07:36 Landed
UA8478 (CMH) Columbus 07:31 Landed
UA8531 (BOS) Boston 09:58 Unknown
UA8557 (DCA) Washington 18:27 Unknown
UA8237 (LGA) New York 19:20 Unknown
UA8159 (YHZ) Halifax 16:00 Cancelled
UA8511 (AMS) Amsterdam 15:20 Cancelled
UA8209 (PIT) Pittsburgh 07:35 Landed
UA8287 (BDL) Hartford 13:11 Landed
UA8326 (ORD) Chicago 08:36 Scheduled
UA8549 (MEM) Memphis 19:41 Cancelled
UA8328 (LAX) Los Angeles 19:17 Cancelled
UA8367 (MIA) Miami 19:57 Cancelled
UA8063 (IAD) Dulles 11:58 Landed
UA8135 (CLE) Cleveland 07:38 Cancelled
UA8472 (EWR) Newark 12:18 Landed
UA8510 (CVG) Cincinnati 08:13 Landed Late
UA8270 (YXU) London 19:56 Landed
UA8018 (BNA) Nashville 13:55 Landed
UA8053 (DTW) Detroit 19:42 Landed
UA8403 (LGA) New York 17:22 Cancelled
UA8686 (YYT) St. John's 15:51 Landed Late
UA8315 (CLT) Charlotte 13:55 Cancelled
UA8646 (YXU) London 14:11 Cancelled
UA8142 (DFW) Dallas 10:05 Unknown
UA8141 (CMH) Columbus 19:41 Cancelled
UA8434 (YVR) Vancouver 14:18 Unknown
UA8129 (DTW) Detroit 11:22 Landed
UA8469 (LGA) New York 10:25 Unknown
UA8235 (LGA) New York 16:57 Landed
UA8446 (SEA) Seattle 15:48 Landed
UA8409 (YQB) Quebec 07:20 Landed
UA8309 (LHR) London 21:55 Landed
UA8073 (DXB) Dubai 06:05 Landed
UA8630 (YXE) Saskatoon 20:45 Landed
UA8648 (YXU) London 10:20 Landed
UA8593 (FRA) Frankfurt 19:30 Unknown
UA8127 (BWI) Baltimore 11:24 Cancelled
UA8070 (YXU) London 10:45 Landed
UA8111 (ATL) Atlanta 21:19 Unknown
UA8324 (LAX) Los Angeles 20:02 Landed
UA8198 (STL) Saint Louis 20:45 En-Route
UA8587 (PHX) Phoenix 19:20 Landed
UA8148 (MSY) New Orleans 15:02 Cancelled
UA8569 (ATL) Atlanta 08:44 Unknown
UA8196 (STL) Saint Louis 13:20 Cancelled
UA8554 (CMH) Columbus 11:21 Landed
UA8044 (YWG) Winnipeg 17:09 Landed
UA8310 (CMH) Columbus 16:11 Landed
UA8043 (PHX) Phoenix 22:50 Scheduled On time
UA8491 (MIA) Miami 22:17 En-Route
UA8709 (IAD) Dulles 12:13 Landed
UA8596 (CVG) Cincinnati 12:23 Landed
UA8713 (EWR) Newark 22:19 Unknown
UA8654 (YXU) London 21:16 Landed
UA8485 (MIA) Miami 18:34 Landed
UA8320 (LAX) Los Angeles 01:25 Landed Late
UA8016 (YHZ) Halifax 14:38 Landed
UA8140 (YQT) Thunder Bay 07:10 Landed
UA8050 (ORD) Chicago 19:05 Landed
UA8161 (LAS) Las Vegas 21:00 Landed
UA8620 (BUD) Budapest 18:40 Landed
UA8359 (YSJ) Saint John 07:10 Landed
UA8562 (YXE) Saskatoon 17:06 Landed
UA8575 (PHX) Phoenix 06:10 Landed
UA8336 (DEN) Denver 13:30 Landed
UA8056 (YQT) Thunder Bay 12:41 Landed
UA8276 (KEF) Reykjavik 11:55 Landed
UA8393 (PIT) Pittsburgh 20:11 Scheduled
UA8659 (YYG) Charlottetown 07:07 Landed
UA8253 (MAN) Manchester 15:00 Landed
UA8660 (YYT) St. John's 16:38 Landed Late
UA8605 (EDI) Edinburgh 10:40 Landed
UA8618 (SEA) Seattle 19:58 Landed Late
UA8703 (GLA) Glasgow 10:45 Landed
UA8360 (SEA) Seattle 06:37 Landed Late
UA8545 (LGW) London 15:10