United Airlines flight arrivals to Munich Airport (MUC)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Munich is GMT 1:00. Local Time at Munich airport is 22:03 PM 2021-05-11

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA9611 (CPH) Copenhagen 14:25 Arrived On time
UA9296 (BER) Berlin 10:05 Arrived On time
UA9201 (FCO) Rome 14:45 Arrived On time
UA952 (ORD) Chicago 09:45 Scheduled On time
UA9094 (WAW) Warsaw 07:35 Arrived On time
UA8755 (TBS) Tbilisi 07:15 Arrived On time
UA9111 (WAW) Warsaw 14:45 Scheduled On time
UA8950 (FRA) Frankfurt 18:10 Scheduled On time
UA9412 (BRE) Bremen 10:35 Scheduled On time
UA9176 (DUS) Dusseldorf 10:10 Scheduled On time
UA9656 (DTM) Dortmund 08:15 Arrived On time
UA6909 (IST) Istanbul 17:10 Scheduled On time
UA106 (IAD) Dulles 07:35 In Air
UA8861 (LAX) Los Angeles 13:35 Departed On time
UA8767 (FRA) Frankfurt 10:10 Scheduled On time
UA9254 (EWR) Newark 10:10 Scheduled On time
UA9230 (LHR) London 13:30 Arrived On time
UA9037 (BUD) Budapest 14:40 Arrived On time
UA9207 (CDG) Paris 10:30 Arrived On time
UA8954 (FRA) Frankfurt 14:10 Arrived On time
UA9447 (HEL) Helsinki 14:15 Arrived On time
UA9306 (ATH) Athens 07:35 Departed On time
UA8912 (TLS) Toulouse 07:55 Scheduled On time
UA8989 (NAP) Naples 14:45 Scheduled On time
UA9160 (HAJ) Hanover 09:55 Scheduled On time
UA6907 (IST) Istanbul 08:50 Arrived On time
UA8854 (ORD) Chicago 12:45 Scheduled On time
UA9697 (FLR) Florence 10:05 Arrived On time
UA9291 (BCN) Barcelona 13:45 Scheduled On time
UA9470 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 10:15 Arrived On time
UA9375 (LCA) Larnaca 18:30 Departed On time
UA9430 (CDG) Paris 14:25 Arrived On time
UA8799 (TSR) Timisoara 14:30 Arrived Delayed by 27m
UA9082 (HAM) Hamburg 10:15 Arrived On time
UA7261 (SPU) Split 09:35 Arrived On time
UA9403 (KRK) Krakow 14:40 Scheduled On time
UA8927 (CLJ) Cluj-Napoca 14:55 Arrived On time
UA9484 (NCE) Nice 14:55 Scheduled On time
UA9219 (OTP) Bucharest 13:55 Arrived On time
UA9463 (GWT) Westerland 20:45 Scheduled On time
UA9245 (SOF) Sofia 14:00 Arrived On time
UA9110 (ARN) Stockholm 13:50 Scheduled On time
UA9696 (FLR) Florence 09:15 Arrived On time
UA8775 (ZRH) Zurich 14:35 Landed
UA8985 (MAN) Manchester 13:40 Cancelled
UA8762 (OSL) Oslo 13:50 Landed
UA9499 (VIE) Vienna 10:05 Landed
UA9529 (GOA) Genoa 15:50 Cancelled
UA9607 (CPH) Copenhagen 07:40 Landed
UA9282 (GOA) Genoa 07:45 Schedule
UA9290 (BCN) Barcelona 11:10 Unknown
UA9154 (CGN) Cologne 10:20 Landed
UA8863 (MXP) Milan 07:35 Landed
UA9583 (HAJ) Hanover 10:10 Landed
UA8948 (FRA) Frankfurt 08:10 Landed
UA8915 (ZRH) Zurich 10:05 Landed
UA9237 (DEL) Delhi 05:55 Landed
UA9420 (FMO) Muenster 09:50 Landed
UA9498 (VIE) Vienna 14:10 Landed
UA8952 (FRA) Frankfurt 13:50 Landed
UA8716 (ARN) Stockholm 08:40 Landed
UA9164 (HAM) Hamburg 11:20 Landed
UA9527 (ATH) Athens 14:30 Landed
UA9488 (LYS) Lyon 14:20 Landed
UA194 (SFO) San Francisco 09:35 Landed
UA8783 (MXP) Milan 14:20 Landed
UA30 (EWR) Newark 06:40 Landed
UA9701 (VCE) Venice 10:00 Unknown
UA8886 (FCO) Rome 10:00 Landed
UA8550 (YYZ) Toronto 09:50 Unknown
UA9609 (CPH) Copenhagen 10:20 Landed
UA9099 (HEL) Helsinki 07:45 Cancelled
UA9416 (DRS) Dresden 09:50 Landed
UA8824 (BUD) Budapest 09:55 Landed
UA8851 (LHR) London 11:20 Landed
UA9706 (BLQ) Bologna 09:40 Landed
UA9490 (PAD) Paderborn 10:30 Unknown
UA8757 (TLS) Toulouse 10:20 Landed
UA8882 (SFO) San Francisco 17:20 Landed
UA8784 (IAD) Dulles 12:20 Cancelled
UA9244 (PRG) Prague 10:30 Landed
UA9709 (TRN) Turin 11:10 Landed
UA9391 (ADB) Izmir 05:30 Landed
UA9307 (CGN) Cologne 07:10 Unknown
UA7273 (ZAG) Zagreb 08:00 Landed
UA8957 (LIS) Lisbon 14:50 Landed
UA8753 (MAN) Manchester 09:25 Cancelled
UA8953 (KBP) Kiev 07:00 Cancelled
UA9322 (LUX) Luxembourg 10:30 Landed
UA9439 (BIO) Bilbao 09:30 Cancelled
UA9172 (DUS) Dusseldorf 07:35 Landed
UA9077 (OSL) Oslo 08:30 Cancelled
UA9260 (CLT) Charlotte 09:20 Cancelled
UA9703 (VRN) Verona 09:30 Landed
UA8869 (MXP) Milan 11:10 Arrived
UA9273 (BCN) Barcelona 11:10 Landed
UA9208 (TXL) Berlin 10:35 Landed
UA2885 (EWR) Newark 08:00 Scheduled
UA2891 (EWR) Newark 07:55 Scheduled
UA9168 (HAM) Hamburg 09:05 Landed
UA8727 (SBZ) Sibiu 06:45 Landed
UA8949 (CLJ) Cluj-Napoca 06:50 Cancelled
UA9143 (BUD) Budapest 07:25 Cancelled
UA9458 (DEN) Denver 10:00 Landed
UA9253 (NAP) Naples 07:45 Cancelled
UA6910 (IST) Istanbul 21:25 Scheduled
UA8870 (JFK) New York 07:25 Cancelled
UA9599 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 07:10 Unknown
UA9182 (BER) Berlin 08:10 Landed
UA9601 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 10:05 Landed
UA8780 (MIA) Miami 10:20 Cancelled
UA8759 (SJJ) Sarajevo 14:50 Unknown
UA9482 (NCE) Nice 11:25 Landed
UA9080 (CGN) Cologne 07:25 Cancelled
UA9517 (CPT) Cape Town 05:45 Unknown
UA9418 (FMO) Muenster 07:10 Landed
UA9268 (DME) Moscow 08:55 Landed
UA9544 (AOI) Ancona 07:20 Landed
UA8903 (BOS) Boston 09:45 Cancelled
UA9429 (STR) Stuttgart 10:10 Cancelled
UA9474 (MRS) Marseille 07:45 Cancelled
UA9239 (BOM) Mumbai 05:40 Cancelled
UA9486 (LYS) Lyon 10:25 Cancelled
UA9209 (CDG) Paris 08:10 Landed
UA9292 (AOI) Ancona 10:50 Cancelled
UA9251 (PRG) Prague 14:55 Landed
UA9476 (MRS) Marseille 10:40 Landed
UA9336 (LUX) Luxembourg 14:20 Landed
UA9478 (MRS) Marseille 14:40 Landed
UA9707 (BLQ) Bologna 10:55 Unknown
UA9553 (STR) Stuttgart 07:05 Landed
UA8814 (FCO) Rome 09:15 Landed
UA9444 (GOT) Gothenburg 14:10 Landed
UA9711 (PSA) Pisa 11:25 Unknown
UA9472 (PAD) Paderborn 07:05 Landed
UA8788 (NUE) Nuremberg 10:20 Cancelled
UA9409 (HAJ) Hanover 07:10 Landed
UA9278 (TRS) Trieste 14:05 Cancelled
UA9178 (FRA) Frankfurt 11:10 Cancelled
UA9554 (BRE) Bremen 07:15 Landed
UA9480 (NCE) Nice 07:50 Landed
UA8917 (CGN) Cologne 10:30 Cancelled
UA102 (IAH) Houston 09:45 Cancelled
UA9204 (TSR) Timisoara 06:00 Landed
UA9276 (TRS) Trieste 07:10 Cancelled
UA8884 (LHR) London 11:35 Landed
UA9223 (ARN) Stockholm 08:10 Landed
UA9135 (SOF) Sofia 07:05 Cancelled
UA9271 (TLS) Toulouse 14:50 Landed
UA9603 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 14:15 Landed
UA9417 (DRS) Dresden 06:55 Landed
UA9700 (VCE) Venice 07:30 Landed
UA2895 (EWR) Newark 07:25 Scheduled
UA9542 (BRE) Bremen 10:20 Landed
UA9293 (MXP) Milan 08:10 Landed
UA9217 (OTP) Bucharest 07:10 Landed
UA8747 (ORD) Chicago 07:20 Landed
UA9180 (FRA) Frankfurt 13:50 Landed Late
UA9547 (KRK) Krakow 10:40 Cancelled
UA9864 (VIE) Vienna 14:15 Landed
UA9211 (FCO) Rome 07:30 Landed Late
UA9519 (BCN) Barcelona 15:45 Landed Late
UA9497 (VIE) Vienna 11:40 Landed
UA8722 (DUS) Dusseldorf 10:35 Landed
UA9862 (VIE) Vienna 10:20 Landed Late
UA9557 (SBZ) Sibiu 12:30 Landed Late
UA8908 (TRN) Turin 08:20 Landed