United Airlines flight arrivals to Mexico City Airport (MEX)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Mexico City is GMT -6:00. Local Time at Mexico City airport is 19:53 PM 2021-05-17

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA429 (IAH) Houston 22:00 Scheduled Delayed by 1h 13m
UA1088 (IAH) Houston 14:15 Arrived Delayed by 26m
UA2251 (EWR) Newark 14:50 Arrived On time
UA1060 (IAH) Houston 11:55 Arrived On time
UA6433 (PXM) Puerto Escondido 14:10 Arrived On time
UA359 (ORD) Chicago 12:55 Arrived Delayed by 20m
UA6410 (TPQ) Tepic 11:10 Arrived On time
UA1090 (IAH) Houston 16:40 Scheduled On time
UA6435 (CLQ) Colima 20:25 Scheduled On time
UA1024 (IAH) Houston 12:50 Scheduled On time
UA6407 (CLQ) Colima 09:50 Scheduled On time
UA6434 (ACA) Acapulco 22:00 Scheduled On time
UA6452 (PXM) Puerto Escondido 18:35 Scheduled On time
UA1271 (SFO) San Francisco 17:15 Arrived On time
UA1566 (IAD) Dulles 21:35 In Air
UA6400 (CVM) Ciudad Victoria 09:55 Scheduled On time
UA6403 (ACA) Acapulco 14:40 Arrived On time
UA6471 (PDS) Piedras Negras 14:20 Scheduled On time
UA6456 (TPQ) Tepic 20:35 Arrived On time
UA6417 (LZC) Lazaro Cardenas 09:55 Scheduled On time
UA6439 (CVM) Ciudad Victoria 21:10 Scheduled On time
UA1547 (ORD) Chicago 22:55 Landed
UA6446 (LZC) Lazaro Cardenas 18:10 Scheduled On time
UA821 (SFO) San Francisco 19:25 Landed
UA6436 (CLQ) Colima 14:55 Landed
UA6469 (OAX) Oaxaca 18:10 Unknown
UA6432 (SLP) San Luis Potosi 09:35 Landed
UA6460 (VER) Veracruz 17:25 Landed
UA6454 (SLP) San Luis Potosi 21:50 Scheduled
UA6428 (ACA) Acapulco 11:45 Landed
UA8124 (IAH) Houston 11:48 Landed
UA6441 (CVM) Ciudad Victoria 14:50 Unknown
UA6457 (TPQ) Tepic 17:45 Landed
UA6464 (ZIH) Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo 22:35 Scheduled
UA6402 (ZIH) Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo 14:05 Unknown
UA6440 (CVM) Ciudad Victoria 17:40 Scheduled
UA6467 (GDL) Guadalajara 21:40 Scheduled
UA6448 (MLM) Morelia 22:05 Cancelled
UA6421 (MLM) Morelia 15:04
UA6415 (GDL) Guadalajara 10:33
UA6453 (SLP) San Luis Potosi 15:42
UA6425 (ZLO) Manzanillo 20:12
UA6461 (VER) Veracruz 22:25
UA6465 (ZLO) Manzanillo 06:48
UA6427 (PAZ) Poza Rica 11:52
UA6430 (ZIH) Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo 00:15