United Airlines flight arrivals to Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Frankfurt is GMT 1:00. Local Time at Frankfurt airport is 22:51 PM 2021-05-11

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA8939 (HAM) Hamburg 12:10 Arrived On time
UA989 (IAD) Dulles 07:30 Scheduled On time
UA58 (SFO) San Francisco 09:55 Scheduled On time
UA8867 (IAH) Houston 09:15 Scheduled Delayed by 17m
UA7212 (ADD) Addis Ababa 05:30 Scheduled On time
UA46 (IAH) Houston 12:20 Scheduled On time
UA8897 (DXB) Dubai 11:20 Arrived Delayed by 24m
UA8844 (LAX) Los Angeles 10:35 Scheduled On time
UA9015 (ARN) Stockholm 08:25 Arrived On time
UA907 (ORD) Chicago 09:20 Scheduled On time
UA8826 (IAD) Dulles 08:15 Scheduled On time
UA8837 (ORD) Chicago 07:25 Scheduled On time
UA960 (EWR) Newark 09:10 Scheduled On time
UA8907 (DXB) Dubai 10:55 Arrived On time
UA9001 (DRS) Dresden 12:00 Arrived On time
UA9025 (CAI) Cairo 05:20 Arrived On time
UA9562 (BHX) Birmingham 11:35 Arrived Delayed by 15m
UA9802 (GVA) Geneva 12:05 Arrived On time
UA8941 (HAJ) Hanover 11:25 Arrived On time
UA8852 (BOS) Boston 07:00 Scheduled On time
UA8840 (JFK) New York 05:45 Scheduled On time
UA2776 (ORD) Chicago 14:00 Scheduled On time
UA182 (DEN) Denver 09:45 Scheduled On time
UA9570 (BRU) Brussels 10:10 Arrived On time
UA8730 (NBO) Nairobi 05:40 Scheduled On time
UA9127 (IST) Istanbul 08:30 Arrived On time
UA2803 (ATL) Atlanta 09:35 Scheduled On time
UA8828 (SFO) San Francisco 10:35 Scheduled On time
UA6899 (IST) Istanbul 10:15 Arrived On time
UA8931 (DUS) Dusseldorf 11:55 Arrived On time
UA2798 (EWR) Newark 08:35 Scheduled On time
UA8947 (MUC) Munich 12:00 Arrived On time
UA8777 (STR) Stuttgart 11:45 Scheduled On time
UA7267 (ZAG) Zagreb 09:15 Arrived On time
UA9468 (WRO) Wroclaw 08:45 Arrived On time
UA9317 (BCN) Barcelona 09:00 Arrived On time
UA9301 (ATH) Athens 09:00 Departed On time
UA9203 (AMS) Amsterdam 12:20 Scheduled On time
UA6901 (IST) Istanbul 17:25 Scheduled On time
UA9424 (WAW) Warsaw 08:15 Departed On time
UA9341 (TLL) Tallinn 07:50 Departed On time
UA9105 (CAI) Cairo 20:10 Scheduled On time
UA8945 (MUC) Munich 10:00 Scheduled On time
UA9305 (LIN) Milan 08:30 Scheduled On time
UA8726 (GOT) Gothenburg 08:15 Scheduled On time
UA9016 (BRE) Bremen 12:05 Scheduled On time
UA8741 (DXB) Dubai 06:30 Departed On time
UA9156 (AMS) Amsterdam 09:10 Arrived On time
UA9587 (CPT) Cape Town 05:40 Departed On time
UA9061 (PRG) Prague 11:30 Arrived On time
UA9047 (HEL) Helsinki 08:40 Arrived On time
UA9058 (VCE) Venice 12:05 Arrived On time
UA8848 (MIA) Miami 08:25 Scheduled On time
UA8838 (EWR) Newark 07:55 Scheduled On time
UA9214 (BER) Berlin 09:55 Arrived On time
UA9191 (BEG) Belgrade 07:55 Arrived On time
UA9057 (NCE) Nice 11:55 Arrived On time
UA9568 (ZAG) Zagreb 08:50 Arrived On time
UA9149 (KBP) Kiev 08:40 Arrived On time
UA9139 (JNB) Johannesburg 05:35 Scheduled On time
UA9155 (LOS) Lagos 06:20 Scheduled On time
UA8891 (LYS) Lyon 12:10 Scheduled On time
UA9121 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 08:20 Arrived On time
UA9023 (BUD) Budapest 08:45 Arrived On time
UA9133 (DXB) Dubai 10:05 Departed Delayed by 33m
UA8718 (SEA) Seattle 09:55 Departed On time
UA9051 (ZRH) Zurich 11:00 Scheduled On time
UA9368 (FAO) Faro 19:15 Scheduled On time
UA9286 (OTP) Bucharest 08:40 Scheduled On time
UA9265 (CPH) Copenhagen 08:10 Arrived On time
UA9021 (ABV) Abuja 05:30 Scheduled On time
UA9378 (LCA) Larnaca 20:15 Scheduled Delayed by 30m
UA8879 (DEN) Denver 11:20 Departed Delayed by 28m
UA8592 (YYZ) Toronto 06:20 Departed On time
UA9516 (CDG) Paris 08:15 Scheduled On time
UA9356 (CDG) Paris 11:20 Scheduled On time
UA7269 (ZAG) Zagreb 10:20 Scheduled On time
UA8580 (YUL) Montreal 08:05 Scheduled On time
UA9467 (CPH) Copenhagen 12:50 Arrived On time
UA9694 (FLR) Florence 15:10 Arrived On time
UA9861 (VIE) Vienna 08:50 Arrived On time
UA9340 (VIE) Vienna 10:35 Arrived On time
UA9075 (MRS) Marseille 12:05 Scheduled On time
UA8810 (LHR) London 12:05 Arrived On time
UA8873 (LIN) Milan 12:10 Arrived On time
UA7719 (CAI) Cairo 14:10 Departed Delayed by 23m
UA9081 (MXP) Milan 12:10 Arrived On time
UA9510 (LUX) Luxembourg 11:55 Arrived On time
UA9460 (KRK) Krakow 08:40 Arrived Delayed by 19m
UA9095 (OSL) Oslo 08:50 Arrived On time
UA9119 (VNO) Vilnius 08:00 Arrived On time
UA9535 (BLL) Billund 08:15 Arrived On time
UA9269 (SOF) Sofia 08:25 Arrived On time
UA6900 (IST) Istanbul 13:50 Scheduled On time
UA8920 (HAM) Hamburg 08:10 Scheduled On time
UA9528 (BLQ) Bologna 08:00 Arrived On time
UA9228 (MAD) Madrid 11:00 Arrived On time
UA8971 (BER) Berlin 11:55 Arrived Delayed by 15m
UA9708 (VRN) Verona 07:30 Arrived On time
UA9366 (PMI) Palma Mallorca 20:55 Scheduled On time
UA9215 (BER) Berlin 07:55 Departed On time
UA9564 (TLL) Tallinn 19:00 Scheduled On time
UA9363 (BIO) Bilbao 08:55 Arrived On time
UA9069 (CDG) Paris 11:20 Arrived On time
UA8773 (BLQ) Bologna 12:10 Landed
UA9691 (TRN) Turin 08:30 Landed
UA9123 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 19:15 Landed Late
UA8745 (OSL) Oslo 12:05 Landed
UA9310 (BCN) Barcelona 12:00 Landed
UA7255 (DBV) Dubrovnik 09:05 Landed
UA9473 (GDN) Gdansk 19:55 Schedule
UA9337 (MAN) Manchester 11:50 Landed
UA8933 (HAM) Hamburg 10:10 Landed
UA9514 (BUD) Budapest 16:30 Landed
UA8594 (YYZ) Toronto 11:10 Unknown
UA9005 (LEJ) Leipzig/Halle 07:35 Cancelled
UA8913 (BRU) Brussels 19:00 Landed
UA8932 (SAN) San Diego 11:30 Cancelled
UA9055 (NCE) Nice 09:00 Cancelled
UA8943 (HAJ) Hanover 12:15 Cancelled
UA9063 (MXP) Milan 10:25 Schedule
UA9569 (BHX) Birmingham 11:55 Landed
UA9091 (TLS) Toulouse 09:05 Unknown
UA9113 (GOT) Gothenburg 13:45 Landed
UA8774 (BRU) Brussels 11:35 Landed
UA8967 (PMI) Palma Mallorca 18:25 Landed
UA8982 (MAD) Madrid 08:55 Landed
UA9181 (MUC) Munich 09:05 Scheduled On time
UA8975 (RIX) Riga 08:00 Departed On time
UA9518 (AMS) Amsterdam 19:35 Landed
UA9183 (MUC) Munich 12:00 Landed
UA9029 (CPH) Copenhagen 12:50 Landed
UA9351 (NUE) Nuremberg 11:45 Landed
UA9280 (WRO) Wroclaw 12:20 Landed
UA9355 (BRU) Brussels 08:00 Landed
UA9079 (VCE) Venice 08:25 Landed
UA9232 (LHR) London 12:05 Landed
UA9335 (HAJ) Hanover 08:20 Landed
UA9546 (LHR) London 09:05 Unknown
UA9043 (MAN) Manchester 09:45 Cancelled
UA9509 (GOT) Gothenburg 12:00 Landed
UA8808 (BHX) Birmingham 08:40 Unknown
UA9333 (GRZ) Graz 11:35 Landed
UA9386 (KRK) Krakow 12:20 Landed
UA9705 (VRN) Verona 11:30 Landed
UA9753 (GVA) Geneva 08:25 Unknown
UA9195 (AMS) Amsterdam 12:00 Landed Late
UA9159 (LIS) Lisbon 11:30 Departed On time
UA9508 (ARN) Stockholm 12:15 Landed
UA9349 (MAD) Madrid 12:00 Landed
UA8847 (FCO) Rome 16:45 Landed
UA9712 (TRN) Turin 12:00 Landed
UA9152 (TLL) Tallinn 12:00 Landed
UA8801 (FCO) Rome 10:55 Landed
UA9584 (VNO) Vilnius 11:50 Landed
UA9097 (KBP) Kiev 12:05 Landed
UA6847 (WAW) Warsaw 10:35 Landed
UA8862 (ZRH) Zurich 09:15 Landed
UA8758 (DMM) Dammam 06:10 Landed
UA9436 (VLC) Valencia 18:55 Landed
UA9693 (FLR) Florence 18:30 Landed
UA9287 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 19:15 Landed
UA8584 (YYC) Calgary 11:05 Cancelled
UA9534 (BLL) Billund 11:50 Landed
UA9221 (BUD) Budapest 11:50 Landed
UA8900 (LAX) Los Angeles 14:45 Landed
UA8997 (BRE) Bremen 15:35 Delayed >3h
UA9014 (OPO) Porto 15:55 Cancelled
UA9036 (IST) Istanbul 12:00 Landed
UA8937 (WAW) Warsaw 11:40 Landed
UA9314 (BCN) Barcelona 19:05 Landed
UA8820 (BRU) Brussels 11:45 Landed
UA8961 (VIE) Vienna 11:15 Landed
UA9170 (DUS) Dusseldorf 07:20 Cancelled
UA8875 (GVA) Geneva 12:00 Landed
UA9645 (LAS) Las Vegas 11:50 Cancelled
UA9577 (LEJ) Leipzig/Halle 15:10 Cancelled
UA8979 (DUS) Dusseldorf 15:30 Delayed >3h
UA9045 (HAM) Hamburg 12:10 Landed
UA9227 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 15:10 Cancelled
UA8981 (HAM) Hamburg 16:10 Landed Late
UA9537 (BUD) Budapest 14:15 Landed
UA8739 (TXL) Berlin 07:55 Landed
UA9521 (FDH) Friedrichshafen 07:50 Cancelled
UA9523 (FDH) Friedrichshafen 11:00 Landed
UA9137 (ADD) Addis Ababa 05:20 Cancelled
UA9067 (TPA) Tampa 08:45 Cancelled
UA9565 (FMO) Muenster 11:10 Cancelled
UA926 (SFO) San Francisco 14:55 Landed Late
UA9550 (TLS) Toulouse 14:55 Scheduled On time
UA9044 (MRS) Marseille 08:55 Cancelled
UA9125 (SOF) Sofia 12:00 Landed
UA9167 (OTP) Bucharest 12:00 Landed
UA9502 (FMO) Muenster 07:40 Cancelled
UA944 (ORD) Chicago 05:45 Landed
UA8771 (NUE) Nuremberg 15:05 Scheduled On time
UA9197 (DTW) Detroit 06:10 Unknown
UA8816 (LHR) London 16:05 Cancelled
UA8865 (DFW) Dallas 08:45 Cancelled
UA9504 (LUX) Luxembourg 07:35 Cancelled
UA8893 (WAW) Warsaw 19:15 Cancelled
UA9049 (HEL) Helsinki 12:00 Landed
UA6902 (IST) Istanbul 21:10 Scheduled
UA9033 (MXP) Milan 09:10 Unknown
UA9054 (MCO) Orlando 10:15 Cancelled
UA9151 (AMM) Amman 06:25 Landed
UA8812 (LHR) London 19:05 Landed
UA9026 (LYS) Lyon 16:00 Cancelled
UA8731 (NAP) Naples 12:10 Landed Late
UA8803 (GOT) Gothenburg 15:35 Cancelled
UA8877 (ZRH) Zurich 11:55 Landed
UA8842 (JFK) New York 11:50 Unknown
UA9199 (PHL) Philadelphia 07:20 Cancelled
UA9393 (PRG) Prague 13:05 Landed
UA9131 (MAA) Chennai 08:25 Unknown
UA9275 (CPH) Copenhagen 19:00 Landed
UA8988 (BLL) Billund 11:50 Landed Late
UA9108 (LED) Saint Petersburg 07:55 Cancelled
UA9073 (CDG) Paris 11:50 Landed
UA9312 (ATH) Athens 12:00 Landed
UA8889 (LNZ) Linz 08:10 Cancelled
UA9129 (MLA) Malta 12:10 Landed
UA8959 (VIE) Vienna 07:40 Cancelled
UA8905 (STR) Stuttgart 08:20 Landed
UA9011 (LEJ) Leipzig/Halle 11:40 Cancelled
UA9581 (BEG) Belgrade 17:35 Landed
UA9319 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 11:45 Cancelled
UA8835 (ORD) Chicago 13:40 Cancelled
UA9407 (VIE) Vienna 15:35 Cancelled
UA8881 (LYS) Lyon 08:20 Cancelled
UA9213 (TXL) Berlin 10:55 Cancelled
UA8850 (BLL) Billund 15:35 Cancelled
UA9344 (WRO) Wroclaw 15:35 Cancelled
UA8770 (DME) Moscow 05:35 Landed
UA9396 (KRK) Krakow 14:10 Cancelled
UA8781 (STR) Stuttgart 19:00 Landed
UA8822 (AUS) Austin 09:20 Cancelled
UA9545 (LIN) Milan 16:10 Unknown
UA9017 (ARN) Stockholm 16:15 Cancelled
UA9323 (CDG) Paris 19:10 Landed
UA8830 (ATL) Atlanta 07:40 Unknown
UA9004 (OPO) Porto 09:45 Landed Late
UA9343 (RIX) Riga 16:05 Cancelled
UA8734 (PRG) Prague 08:10 Landed
UA9575 (FDH) Friedrichshafen 15:25 Cancelled
UA9003 (DRS) Dresden 15:20 Cancelled
UA8925 (FCO) Rome 19:10 Landed
UA9142 (ZRH) Zurich 19:00 Landed
UA9117 (ALA) Almaty 07:05 Cancelled
UA9194 (BCN) Barcelona 08:15 Landed
UA8797 (FLR) Florence 12:30 Landed Late
UA8929 (DUS) Dusseldorf 09:30 Cancelled
UA9503 (LIS) Lisbon 20:00 Landed
UA9571 (FMO) Muenster 15:25 Cancelled
UA9316 (PRG) Prague 16:10 Cancelled
UA9145 (OSL) Oslo 15:20 Cancelled
UA9464 (MXP) Milan 20:30 Landed
UA7242 (JNB) Johannesburg 06:15 Landed
UA9171 (GVA) Geneva 16:10 Landed
UA9257 (FAO) Faro 16:40 Landed
UA8983 (HAJ) Hanover 15:45 Delayed >3h
UA8823 (BIO) Bilbao 15:30 Cancelled
UA8935 (HAJ) Hanover 09:15 Cancelled
UA8965 (STR) Stuttgart 09:20 Cancelled
UA9572 (LIN) Milan 12:05 Landed
UA8761 (NUE) Nuremberg 09:20 Cancelled
UA8751 (NUE) Nuremberg 07:20 Cancelled
UA9384 (KTW) Katowice 08:45 Unknown
UA8790 (DME) Moscow 10:45 Cancelled
UA9369 (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse 09:10 Cancelled
UA8805 (FCO) Rome 09:30 Cancelled
UA9397 (DRS) Dresden 08:20 Landed
UA9394 (BLQ) Bologna 16:00 Cancelled
UA8919 (GYD) Baku 07:30 Unknown
UA9511 (LNZ) Linz 16:20 Cancelled
UA9538 (LUX) Luxembourg 15:10 Cancelled
UA9549 (MAN) Manchester 15:20 Cancelled
UA932 (IAD) Dulles 11:50 Landed
UA9263 (CGN) Cologne 10:45 Landed Late
UA8955 (MUC) Munich 16:05 Landed
UA9573 (FMO) Muenster 19:55 Landed
UA9596 (ATH) Athens 13:15 Cancelled
UA8993 (BRE) Bremen 08:20 Landed
UA8995 (BRE) Bremen 09:20 Cancelled
UA9007 (LEJ) Leipzig/Halle 09:40 Cancelled
UA8921 (DRS) Dresden 09:40 Landed
UA9614 (BCN) Barcelona 15:10 Landed Late
UA8969 (TXL) Berlin 10:55 Landed
UA9166 (FLR) Florence 15:05 Landed Late
UA8833 (IAD) Dulles 05:40 Landed
UA7259 (SPU) Split 14:50 Landed
UA9279 (MLA) Malta 10:40 Landed
UA9059 (NCE) Nice 16:25 Landed Late
UA8858 (BOS) Boston 11:15 Landed Late
UA9331 (BRU) Brussels 07:05 Landed
UA8973 (TXL) Berlin 12:55 Landed Late
UA8923 (DUS) Dusseldorf 12:40 Landed Late
UA8498 (YOW) Ottawa 10:55 Landed
UA9304 (BCN) Barcelona 08:50 Landed
UA9141 (NAP) Naples 09:20 Landed
UA9071 (CDG) Paris 07:25 Landed
UA9162 (LCA) Larnaca 06:15 Landed
UA8420 (YVR) Vancouver 08:05 Landed Late
UA8791 (TRN) Turin 08:30 Landed
UA9327 (GVA) Geneva 17:10 Landed Late
UA9041 (GVA) Geneva 13:10 Landed
UA8795 (FLR) Florence 09:20 Landed