United Airlines flight arrivals to Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Colorado Springs is GMT -7:00. Local Time at Colorado Springs airport is 14:44 PM 2021-05-11

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA5825 (IAH) Houston 13:57 Departed Delayed by 44m
UA5765 (IAH) Houston 21:25 Scheduled On time
UA233 (DEN) Denver 14:41 Scheduled On time
UA646 (DEN) Denver 12:24 Arrived On time
UA5702 (ORD) Chicago 16:05 Scheduled On time
UA693 (ORD) Chicago 11:02 Arrived On time
UA4269 (DEN) Denver 10:41 Departed Delayed by 30m
UA235 (DEN) Denver 20:28 Scheduled On time
UA5262 (DEN) Denver 16:36 Scheduled On time
UA5671 (DEN) Denver 18:33 Scheduled
UA5761 (ORD) Chicago 21:52 In_Gate
UA5830 (LAX) Los Angeles 14:08 Arrived On time
UA1371 (DEN) Denver 10:15 Out_Gate
UA1376 (DEN) Denver 11:15 Out_Gate
UA5815 (DEN) Denver 12:24 Landed
UA305 (DEN) Denver 12:24 Arrived On time
UA1204 (ORD) Chicago 11:32 Arrived On time
UA1300 (COS) Colorado Springs 11:53 In_Air
UA5546 (DEN) Denver 14:43 Landed
UA1349 (BOI) Boise 05:40 Delayed >3h
UA5984 (DEN) Denver 02:18 Cancelled
UA5865 (DEN) Denver 10:39 Landed
UA5972 (DEN) Denver 09:33 Landed
UA5982 (DEN) Denver 08:18 Cancelled
UA2926 (ELP) El Paso 15:48 Landed Late