United Airlines flight arrivals to Cleveland Airport (CLE)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Cleveland is GMT -5:00. Local Time at Cleveland airport is 22:33 PM 2021-05-17

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA1525 (ORD) Chicago 22:10 Departed Delayed by 1h 1m
UA397 (DEN) Denver 22:52 In Air
UA2475 (ORD) Chicago 20:22 Arrived On time
UA3479 (IAD) Dulles 12:00 Arrived On time
UA6174 (IAH) Houston 23:31 Departed On time
UA3705 (EWR) Newark 17:23 Scheduled On time
UA307 (EWR) Newark 10:37 Arrived On time
UA2185 (EWR) Newark 20:41 Scheduled On time
UA4487 (ORD) Chicago 11:18 Arrived On time
UA6072 (IAH) Houston 14:05 Arrived On time
UA1739 (MCO) Orlando 14:41 Arrived On time
UA578 (RSW) Fort Myers 17:53 Arrived On time
UA1479 (CUN) Cancun 17:06 Arrived On time
UA343 (IAD) Dulles 18:56 Arrived On time
UA2659 (ORD) Chicago 16:19 Scheduled On time
UA1061 (IAH) Houston 23:24 Scheduled Delayed by 46m
UA3421 (ORD) Chicago 13:08 Arrived On time
UA405 (DEN) Denver 14:56 Arrived On time
UA2731 (EWR) Newark 12:30 In_Gate
UA6248 (IAH) Houston 20:14 In_Air
UA2075 (ORD) Chicago 16:49 Arrived On time
UA1975 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 15:39 In_Gate
UA2298 (IAH) Houston 20:07 In_Gate
UA2688 (CLE) Cleveland 17:55 Cancelled
UA1521 (IAD) Dulles 19:21 Arrived On time
UA2707 (RFD) Rockford 12:56 Cancelled
UA528 (DEN) Denver 20:42 Landed
UA2556 (MDW) Chicago 21:05 Landed
UA8476 (YYZ) Toronto 13:40 Cancelled
UA6298 (TPA) Tampa 14:00 Landed Late
UA2542 (MCI) Kansas City 21:35 Landed Late
UA2535 (MCI) Kansas City 21:35 Landed Late
UA1816 (DEN) Denver 20:26 Landed
UA814 (TPA) Tampa 14:29 Landed
UA2262 (SFO) San Francisco 19:55 Landed
UA8136 (YYZ) Toronto 21:45 Cancelled
UA8132 (YYZ) Toronto 09:45 Cancelled
UA3354 (ORD) Chicago 12:50 Landed
UA4191 (IAH) Houston 13:35 Landed
UA3361 (DEN) Denver 15:37 Landed Late
UA841 (ORD) Chicago 21:52 Landed
UA3352 (DEN) Denver 15:45 Landed Late
UA3360 (DEN) Denver 14:30 Landed
UA3356 (DEN) Denver 22:00 Cancelled
UA3353 (DEN) Denver 14:00 Landed
UA3178 (TYS) Knoxville 11:00 Cancelled
UA3176 (TYS) Knoxville 13:15 Cancelled