United Airlines flight arrivals to Beijing Airport (PEK)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Beijing is GMT 8:00. Local Time at Beijing airport is 09:51 AM 2021-01-27

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA7581 (CSX) Changsha 11:00 Departed On time
UA7447 (INC) Yinchuan 19:00 Scheduled On time
UA7448 (INC) Yinchuan 23:30 Scheduled On time
UA7524 (TAO) Qingdao 09:30 Cancelled
UA7554 (CTU) Chengdu 17:20 Scheduled On time
UA7429 (TYN) Taiyuan 10:40 Scheduled On time
UA7572 (XIY) Xian 13:05 Cancelled
UA7458 (HAK) Haikou 23:15 Scheduled On time
UA7527 (CKG) Chongqing 11:05 Arrived On time
UA7521 (KWE) Guiyang 15:20 Arrived On time
UA7564 (CAN) Guangzhou 11:15 Arrived On time
UA7623 (WNZ) Wenzhou 17:55 Departed On time
UA7536 (XMN) Xiamen 16:30 Arrived On time
UA7468 (DYG) Dayong 00:40 Scheduled On time
UA7530 (HGH) Hangzhou 14:35 Arrived On time
UA7566 (CAN) Guangzhou 13:35 Cancelled
UA7439 (SHA) Shanghai 10:10 Cancelled
UA7578 (SZX) Shenzhen 13:00 Scheduled On time
UA7528 (NKG) Nanjing 13:55 Cancelled
UA7533 (CTU) Chengdu 11:00 Cancelled
UA7552 (CTU) Chengdu 13:55 Arrived On time
UA7558 (FOC) Fuzhou 14:20 Arrived On time
UA7471 (WUH) Wuhan 09:50 Arrived On time
UA7441 (SHA) Shanghai 16:00 Arrived On time
UA7574 (XIY) Xian 16:15 Arrived On time
UA7452 (XNN) Xining 22:05 Arrived On time
UA7546 (CKG) Chongqing 16:40 Arrived On time
UA7433 (SYX) Sanya 17:00 Cancelled
UA7544 (HRB) Harbin 17:35 Arrived Delayed by 1h 3m
UA7440 (SHA) Shanghai 14:05 Arrived On time
UA7561 (HGH) Hangzhou 11:30 Scheduled On time
UA7547 (CTU) Chengdu 12:55 Scheduled On time
UA7621 (NGB) Ningbo 12:00 Cancelled
UA7576 (SZX) Shenzhen 12:00 Arrived On time
UA7556 (FOC) Fuzhou 10:15 Cancelled
UA7562 (SHE) Shenyang 13:25 Cancelled
UA7461 (LHW) Lanzhou 13:40 Cancelled
UA7596 (CGQ) Changchun 10:05 Arrived On time
UA7568 (NKG) Nanjing 10:55 Cancelled
UA7590 (KMG) Kunming 10:15 Arrived On time
UA7540 (XMN) Xiamen 00:05 Cancelled
UA2529 (NRT) Tokyo 15:20 In_Gate
UA7548 (CKG) Chongqing 11:45 Cancelled
UA7462 (LHW) Lanzhou 11:55 Cancelled
UA7446 (INC) Yinchuan 13:40 Arrived On time
UA7451 (XNN) Xining 12:50 Scheduled On time
UA7577 (HGH) Hangzhou 09:25 Scheduled On time
UA7426 (MIG) Mian Yang 16:55 Landed
UA888 (SFO) San Francisco 15:30 Landed
UA7582 (XMN) Xiamen 10:45 Landed
UA7538 (BAV) Baotou 16:55 Scheduled
UA2845 (NRT) Tokyo 12:25 Arrived On time
UA7434 (SYX) Sanya 23:25 Landed
UA7457 (HAK) Haikou 15:15 Scheduled On time
UA7607 (CGO) Zhengzhou 11:25 Unknown
UA7427 (MIG) Mian Yang 17:10 Arrived On time
UA7617 (LAX) Los Angeles 05:30 Arrived Delayed by 35m
UA7613 (YNT) Yantai 09:45 Landed
UA7532 (HET) Hohhot 09:00 Cancelled
UA7619 (LAX) Los Angeles 06:45 Landed
UA7519 (KHN) Nanchang 13:15 Landed
UA7534 (XIL) Xilinhot 01:00 Cancelled
UA7478 (JFK) New York 18:35 Scheduled On time
UA7615 (SFO) San Francisco 18:10 Cancelled to TSN Tianjin
UA7611 (JFK) New York 00:30 Unknown
UA7517 (URC) Urumqi 13:50 Unknown
UA89 (EWR) Newark 15:00 Landed
UA851 (ORD) Chicago 16:35 Unknown
UA7602 (IAH) Houston 04:55 Unknown
UA807 (IAD) Dulles 15:40 Unknown
UA7584 (EWR) Newark 15:10 Unknown
UA7609 (IAD) Dulles 18:25 Unknown
UA7476 (IAH) Houston 4:50 AM No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA7588 (LAX) Los Angeles 15:10 Landed Late
UA7570 (CGQ) Changchun 09:45 Landed Late
UA7594 (HNL) Honolulu 04:55 Landed