United Airlines flight arrivals to Tokyo Airport (NRT)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Tokyo is GMT 9:00. Local Time at Tokyo airport is 05:34 AM 2021-05-12

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA7938 (ORD) Chicago 15:00 Departed On time
UA7968 (BKK) Bangkok 15:15 Scheduled On time
UA837 (SFO) San Francisco 14:30 Departed On time
UA32 (LAX) Los Angeles 15:45 Scheduled On time
UA2830 (HKG) Hong Kong 20:55 Scheduled On time
UA7967 (KUL) Kuala Lumpur 15:20 Scheduled On time
UA2834 (ORD) Chicago 11:30 Scheduled On time
UA196 (GUM) Guam 15:00 Scheduled On time
UA7934 (SIN) Singapore 14:20 Arrived On time
UA2818 (PEK) Beijing 20:05 Scheduled On time
UA7904 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh City 15:15 Arrived On time
UA7945 (LAX) Los Angeles 16:30 Departed On time
UA79 (EWR) Newark 13:55 In Air
UA7318 (ICN) Seoul 12:20 Scheduled On time
UA2793 (HKG) Hong Kong 20:35 Scheduled On time
UA2713 (XMN) Xiamen 16:16 In Air
UA7921 (HAN) Hanoi 06:45 Arrived On time
UA2833 (SFO) San Francisco 11:45 Arrived On time
UA2822 (ORD) Chicago 09:00 Scheduled On time
UA2853 (LAX) Los Angeles 08:45 Departed On time
UA2815 (SFO) San Francisco 12:45 In Air
UA2767 (ORD) Chicago 17:10 Scheduled On time
UA2702 (XMN) Xiamen 19:50 Cancelled
UA2864 (SFO) San Francisco 11:45 Landed
UA7981 (HNL) Honolulu 16:15 Unknown
UA8002 (NGO) Nagoya 15:50 Cancelled
UA7933 (NGO) Nagoya 09:01 Cancelled
UA828 (GUM) Guam 09:55 Cancelled
UA7916 (CGK) Jakarta 15:40 Landed
UA2797 (SFO) San Francisco 13:11 Cancelled
UA2794 (SFO) San Francisco 11:45 Cancelled
UA7949 (SFO) San Francisco 15:20 Landed
UA7998 (JFK) New York 15:00 Landed Late
UA7297 (ICN) Seoul 21:00 Cancelled
UA7925 (LAX) Los Angeles 16:25 Landed
UA7322 (ICN) Seoul 17:55 Scheduled
UA8000 (FUK) Fukuoka 15:30 Cancelled
UA7986 (CTS) Sapporo 15:00 Cancelled
UA143 (DEN) Denver 14:40 Unknown
UA7924 (SJC) San Jose 15:10 Landed
UA8009 (PNH) Phnom Penh 06:40 Landed
UA7996 (SDJ) Sendai 15:10 Cancelled
UA8011 (HNL) Honolulu 14:50 Landed
UA873 (GUM) Guam 19:50 Cancelled
UA903 (HNL) Honolulu 13:25 Cancelled
UA7980 (OKA) Okinawa 14:35 Landed
UA7988 (HKG) Hong Kong 15:10 Cancelled
UA7944 (TPE) Taipei 14:20 Cancelled
UA7995 (ITM) Osaka 15:30 Cancelled
UA8014 (SIN) Singapore 08:30 Landed
UA7 (IAH) Houston 15:15 Landed
UA7320 (ICN) Seoul 12:10 en-route