United Airlines flight arrivals to Seoul Airport (ICN)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Seoul is GMT 9:00. Local Time at Seoul airport is 05:10 AM 2021-05-12

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA857 (SFO) San Francisco 15:05 Scheduled On time
UA7290 (SFO) San Francisco 04:30 Scheduled On time
UA7288 (LAX) Los Angeles 04:20 Scheduled On time
UA893 (SFO) San Francisco 15:05 Departed On time
UA2770 (ORD) Chicago 13:00 In Air
UA7294 (JFK) New York 17:20 Departed On time
UA7292 (SEA) Seattle 17:45 Scheduled On time
UA7313 (HAN) Hanoi 05:50 Scheduled On time
UA7317 (NRT) Tokyo 15:50 Scheduled On time
UA7286 (LAX) Los Angeles 17:35 Departed On time
UA7296 (PNH) Phnom Penh 07:15 Scheduled On time
UA2831 (ORD) Chicago 15:00 Scheduled On time
UA7305 (HKG) Hong Kong 17:20 Scheduled On time
UA2778 (LAX) Los Angeles 14:05 In Air
UA7307 (HKG) Hong Kong 05:10 Landed
UA7301 (JFK) New York 04:15 Landed
UA7321 (NRT) Tokyo 11:30 Landed
UA805 (SFO) San Francisco 21:35 Landed
UA7303 (HKT) Phuket 09:40 Landed
UA7299 (NRT) Tokyo 22:10 Scheduled
UA7315 (ORD) Chicago 04:00 Landed