United Airlines flight arrivals to Guam Airport (GUM)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Guam is GMT 10:00. Local Time at Guam airport is 11:16 AM 2021-05-18

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA871 (SFO) San Francisco 02:10 Scheduled On time
UA2805 (TPE) Taipei 03:40 Scheduled On time
UA201 (HNL) Honolulu 18:15 Departed On time
UA872 (TPE) Taipei 13:15 In Air
UA197 (NRT) Tokyo 21:45 Scheduled On time
UA184 (MNL) Manila 04:10 Scheduled On time
UA117 (SPN) Saipan 07:10 Arrived On time
UA2859 (MNL) Manila 04:15 Scheduled On time
UA2862 (SIN) Singapore 04:50 Scheduled On time
UA3049 (TKK) Truk, Caroline Islands 18:00 Arrived On time
UA154 (TKK) Truk, Caroline Islands 18:00 Cancelled
UA2857 (HKG) Hong Kong 18:26 Arrived On time
UA2860 (HKG) Hong Kong 18:26 In Air
UA158 (ROR) Koror 03:55 In_Gate
UA2756 (XMN) Xiamen 17:02 In Air
UA2848 (HKG) Hong Kong 21:51 In_Gate
UA2845 (HKG) Hong Kong 20:31 Out_Gate
UA2700 (HKG) Hong Kong 19:23 In_Air
UA2825 (HKG) Hong Kong 21:51 In Air
UA2577 (DNA) Okinawa 12:00 Arrived On time
UA95 (TKK) Truk, Caroline Islands 04:50 Landed
UA2843 (HNL) Honolulu 04:45 Landed Late
UA186 (YAP) Yap, Caroline Islands 04:25 Landed
UA136 (NGO) Nagoya 15:50 Cancelled
UA2807 (HKG) Hong Kong 21:36 Landed
UA2592 (IWO) None 17:45 Departed Late
UA2598 (DNA) Okinawa 22:50 Landed
UA2597 (OKO) Tokyo 20:40 Arrived On time
UA874 (NRT) Tokyo 01:50 Unknown
UA156 (SPN) Saipan 19:00 Cancelled
UA150 (KIX) Osaka 15:45 Cancelled
UA178 (KIX) Osaka 01:20 Landed
UA827 (NRT) Tokyo 15:55 Cancelled
UA8252 (LAX) Los Angeles 02:51 Landed
UA166 (FUK) Fukuoka 16:40 Cancelled
UA172 (NGO) Nagoya 01:20 Cancelled
UA189 (MNL) Manila 06:20 Cancelled
UA132 (TKK) Truk, Caroline Islands 16:50 Cancelled
UA116 (HKG) Hong Kong 05:50 Landed
UA6396 (SPN) Saipan 22:40 Scheduled
UA6394 (SPN) Saipan 05:05 Scheduled