United Airlines flight arrivals to Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Fort Lauderdale is GMT -5:00. Local Time at Fort Lauderdale airport is 21:30 PM 2021-05-17

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA1533 (ORD) Chicago 22:22 In Air
UA3059 (TPA) Tampa 09:20 Arrived On time
UA1675 (IAH) Houston 20:23 Scheduled Delayed by 4h 5m
UA3053 (MCO) Orlando 17:20 Arrived On time
UA572 (EWR) Newark 21:43 Departed Delayed by 51m
UA2463 (DEN) Denver 23:36 Scheduled On time
UA2330 (EWR) Newark 15:43 Arrived On time
UA1599 (ORD) Chicago 12:59 Arrived On time
UA1923 (IAH) Houston 17:58 Departed Delayed by 29m
UA475 (ORD) Chicago 18:58 In Air
UA2188 (DEN) Denver 16:05 Arrived On time
UA285 (EWR) Newark 12:25 Arrived On time
UA370 (IAH) Houston 15:42 Departed On time
UA2442 (IAH) Houston 14:22 Departed Delayed by 52m
UA675 (DEN) Denver 13:45 Arrived On time
UA1549 (EWR) Newark 19:06 Scheduled On time
UA241 (DEN) Denver 19:49 Scheduled On time
UA286 (EWR) Newark 13:30 Arrived On time
UA1613 (EWR) Newark 11:20 Arrived On time
UA3093 (EYW) Key West 12:50 Arrived On time
UA1809 (IAD) Dulles 13:13 Departed to FLL Fort Lauderdale
UA2232 (IAD) Dulles 20:41 Scheduled On time
UA3077 (MCO) Orlando 08:30 Scheduled On time
UA3069 (MCO) Orlando 20:35 Scheduled On time
UA2668 (ORD) Chicago 15:00 Scheduled On time
UA1142 (ORD) Chicago 23:55 Scheduled On time
UA7158 (PTY) Panama City 12:16 Arrived On time
UA3086 (ELH) North Eleuthera 17:20 Arrived On time
UA3072 (GGT) George Town 16:45 Arrived On time
UA3145 (BIM) Bimini 15:00 Arrived On time
UA711 (EWR) Newark 22:46 In_Air
UA1134 (DEN) Denver 15:35 Arrived On time
UA1419 (CLE) Cleveland 11:45 In_Gate
UA1572 (DEN) Denver 15:55 Landed
UA1727 (IAH) Houston 14:12 Arrived On time
UA1785 (IAD) Dulles 13:10 In_Gate
UA3074 (GGT) George Town 12:45 Arrived On time
UA3142 (FPO) Freeport 12:40 Scheduled On time
UA1719 (EWR) Newark 23:01 Landed
UA3078 (GHB) Governor's Harbour 13:05 Arrived Delayed by 33m
UA722 (ORD) Chicago 11:30 Landed
UA1296 (EWR) Newark 19:44 Landed Late
UA7374 (VCP) Campinas 07:25 Landed
UA232 (IAD) Dulles 20:29 Landed
UA6625 (BOG) Bogota 11:50 Landed
UA3099 (TPA) Tampa 19:40 Landed
UA3087 (TPA) Tampa 19:25 Landed
UA3091 (TPA) Tampa 18:35 Landed
UA3084 (ELH) North Eleuthera 11:15 Cancelled
UA2212 (BOS) Boston 16:20 Landed
UA2203 (BOS) Boston 12:22 Landed
UA1855 (ORD) Chicago 15:08 Landed
UA3063 (ELH) North Eleuthera 10:05 Landed
UA8088 (YUL) Montreal 14:28 Landed
UA8128 (DEN) Denver 19:22 Landed
UA8705 (YUL) Montreal 13:12 Cancelled
UA8035 (YUL) Montreal 19:43 Unknown
UA3146 (BIM) Bimini 11:55 Landed
UA3143 (EYW) Key West 10:55 Cancelled
UA3090 (ELH) North Eleuthera 17:00 Cancelled
UA3114 (BIM) Bimini 17:40 Landed
UA3115 (BIM) Bimini 15:00 Landed Late
UA3056 (FPO) Freeport 17:15 Landed Late
UA7362 (BEL) Belem 19:05 Scheduled On time
UA3102 (ELH) North Eleuthera 17:00 Landed Late
UA3050 (TCB) Treasure Cay 14:20 Scheduled
UA3055 (EYW) Key West 16:45 Cancelled
UA3073 (ELH) North Eleuthera 19:05 Landed
UA3104 (TCB) Treasure Cay 10:05 Landed Late
UA3129 (TLH) Tallahassee 22:00 Landed
UA3117 (FPO) Freeport 11:50 Landed
UA3123 (TLH) Tallahassee 11:50 Landed
UA3122 (EYW) Key West 19:45 Landed Late
UA3106 (EYW) Key West 16:45 Landed Late
UA3105 (TCB) Treasure Cay 15:15 Landed Late
UA3112 (EYW) Key West 10:55 Landed Late
UA3132 (MHH) Marsh Harbour 18:20 Landed
UA3121 (MCO) Orlando 14:50 Landed