United Airlines flight arrivals to Newark Airport (EWR)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Newark is GMT -5:00. Local Time at Newark airport is 16:02 PM 2021-05-11

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA1927 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 19:56 Scheduled On time
UA1173 (SJU) San Juan 17:11 In Air
UA636 (AUS) Austin 17:32 In Air
UA471 (ORD) Chicago 17:35 In Air
UA1539 (NAS) Nassau 17:07 In Air
UA1518 (PUJ) Punta Cana 20:08 Departed On time
UA830 (BOM) Mumbai 05:20 Scheduled On time
UA2209 (PBI) West Palm Beach 19:47 Scheduled On time
UA3644 (CHS) Charleston 15:01 Arrived On time
UA1079 (SJO) San Jose 16:12 Arrived On time
UA1530 (STT) Saint Thomas 19:20 Departed Delayed by 41m
UA2346 (TPA) Tampa 16:09 Departed On time
UA1768 (IAH) Houston 14:00 Arrived On time
UA737 (CLE) Cleveland 08:56 Arrived On time
UA557 (IAH) Houston 16:15 Departed On time
UA2638 (MIA) Miami 17:35 Departed On time
UA727 (PTY) Panama City 16:37 Departed On time
UA421 (LAX) Los Angeles 07:14 Scheduled On time
UA91 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 04:15 Scheduled On time
UA1990 (LAX) Los Angeles 16:25 Departed On time
UA1117 (DEN) Denver 21:53 Scheduled On time
UA1608 (RSW) Fort Myers 15:12 Arrived On time
UA802 (DEL) Delhi 04:55 Departed On time
UA564 (PHX) Phoenix 16:40 Departed On time
UA4436 (IND) Indianapolis 17:33 Departed On time
UA1913 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 16:20 In Air
UA2213 (PBI) West Palm Beach 18:47 Scheduled On time
UA2639 (MIA) Miami 15:26 Arrived On time
UA665 (STI) Santiago 19:04 Departed On time
UA386 (IAH) Houston 19:02 Scheduled On time
UA1729 (DEN) Denver 15:19 Arrived On time
UA1612 (DFW) Dallas 17:35 Scheduled Delayed by 3h 7m
UA3500 (JAX) Jacksonville 16:51 Departed On time
UA2327 (IAH) Houston 21:12 Scheduled On time
UA479 (LAX) Los Angeles 21:47 Scheduled On time
UA792 (RSW) Fort Myers 19:47 Scheduled On time
UA1520 (IAH) Houston 00:09 Scheduled On time
UA314 (DEN) Denver 23:54 Scheduled On time
UA3711 (MSY) New Orleans 17:32 Departed On time
UA1473 (SDQ) Santo Domingo 19:14 Scheduled On time
UA2252 (MEX) Mexico City 16:50 In Air
UA148 (GRU) Sao Paulo 07:05 Scheduled On time
UA642 (SRQ) Sarasota 17:03 Departed On time
UA3533 (CLT) Charlotte 09:53 Arrived On time
UA422 (RSW) Fort Myers 16:52 Departed On time
UA408 (IAH) Houston 11:21 Arrived On time
UA1814 (PHX) Phoenix 07:03 Scheduled On time
UA1059 (STI) Santiago 16:34 Departed On time
UA1503 (SJU) San Juan 13:49 Arrived On time
UA547 (PBI) West Palm Beach 15:02 Departed On time
UA4491 (PVD) Providence 09:15 Arrived On time
UA645 (TPA) Tampa 13:23 Arrived On time
UA331 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 17:29 Scheduled On time
UA369 (IAD) Dulles 19:15 Scheduled On time
UA1422 (MCO) Orlando 14:29 Departed On time
UA229 (DEN) Denver 17:35 Departed On time
UA3445 (IND) Indianapolis 09:16 Arrived Delayed by 21m
UA15 (LHR) London 13:10 Arrived On time
UA1051 (CUN) Cancun 21:18 Scheduled On time
UA3428 (CMH) Columbus 09:40 Arrived On time
UA2498 (LAS) Las Vegas 20:03 Scheduled On time
UA446 (MCO) Orlando 13:29 Arrived On time
UA559 (BOG) Bogota 06:30 Scheduled On time
UA1049 (CUN) Cancun 18:28 Scheduled On time
UA1029 (SJU) San Juan 20:19 Scheduled On time
UA341 (SAL) San Salvador 06:40 Scheduled On time
UA3515 (BNA) Nashville 12:16 Arrived On time
UA1039 (AUA) Aruba 20:42 Scheduled On time
UA961 (FRA) Frankfurt 13:15 Arrived On time
UA1188 (IAD) Dulles 13:23 Arrived On time
UA450 (MIA) Miami 13:25 Arrived On time
UA1162 (BQN) Aguadilla 04:55 Scheduled Delayed by 12h 30m
UA536 (PBI) West Palm Beach 13:17 Arrived On time
UA3616 (EYW) Key West 15:54 Departed On time
UA1167 (TPA) Tampa 17:34 Scheduled On time
UA2603 (SFO) San Francisco 19:12 Scheduled On time
UA2746 (MCO) Orlando 14:52 Departed Delayed by 25m
UA2459 (SLC) Salt Lake City 19:47 Scheduled On time
UA705 (SFO) San Francisco 07:04 Scheduled On time
UA998 (BRU) Brussels 12:05 Arrived On time
UA3408 (BNA) Nashville 17:16 Scheduled On time
UA3585 (RDU) Raleigh 16:21 Scheduled On time
UA2271 (LAS) Las Vegas 16:50 Departed On time
UA2489 (SDQ) Santo Domingo 16:44 Scheduled On time
UA3439 (MSY) New Orleans 15:37 Scheduled On time
UA1466 (PLS) Providenciales 16:43 Scheduled On time
UA323 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 13:21 Departed On time
UA743 (TPA) Tampa 14:39 Departed On time
UA1053 (CUN) Cancun 22:41 Scheduled On time
UA3588 (PIT) Pittsburgh 09:07 Arrived On time
UA4444 (DTW) Detroit 14:00 Scheduled On time
UA4458 (ROC) Rochester 09:19 Arrived On time
UA3443 (MYR) Myrtle Beach 14:29 Scheduled On time
UA3401 (AUS) Austin 14:00 Departed On time
UA1784 (STT) Saint Thomas 20:35 Scheduled On time
UA1628 (MBJ) Montego Bay 16:50 Scheduled On time
UA1125 (SEA) Seattle 21:13 Scheduled On time
UA3558 (EYW) Key West 18:39 Scheduled On time
UA709 (CHS) Charleston 13:21 Scheduled On time
UA56 (CDG) Paris 11:45 Arrived On time
UA1193 (ORD) Chicago 21:13 Scheduled On time
UA1997 (AUA) Aruba 17:12 Scheduled On time
UA4410 (STL) Saint Louis 13:20 Departed On time
UA3412 (DCA) Washington 08:38 Arrived On time
UA41 (FCO) Rome 13:05 In Air
UA3473 (CVG) Cincinnati 09:43 Arrived On time
UA1058 (DTW) Detroit 09:28 Arrived On time
UA441 (MCO) Orlando 11:14 Departed On time
UA2304 (SFO) San Francisco 17:03 Scheduled On time
UA2392 (BDA) Bermuda 16:23 Scheduled On time
UA2350 (CLE) Cleveland 17:31 Scheduled On time
UA251 (BOS) Boston 09:19 Arrived On time
UA454 (MCO) Orlando 18:44 Scheduled On time
UA4441 (PIT) Pittsburgh 17:32 Scheduled On time
UA749 (DEN) Denver 19:08 Scheduled On time
UA1600 (PBI) West Palm Beach 17:29 Scheduled On time
UA2163 (SAN) San Diego 21:41 Scheduled On time
UA22 (DUB) Dublin 11:35 Arrived On time
UA3406 (ATL) Atlanta 10:29 Arrived On time
UA9748 (ZRH) Zurich 20:10 Scheduled On time
UA447 (MCO) Orlando 16:29 Scheduled On time
UA660 (ORD) Chicago 11:58 Departed On time
UA8506 (YYZ) Toronto 16:16 Scheduled On time
UA3492 (MIA) Miami 19:43 Scheduled On time
UA4592 (BUF) Buffalo 09:08 Arrived On time
UA71 (AMS) Amsterdam 11:05 Departed On time
UA2264 (RDU) Raleigh 08:44 Arrived On time
UA495 (BOS) Boston 17:35 Scheduled On time
UA4916 (ALB) Albany 08:37 Departed On time
UA258 (GUA) Guatemala City 06:45 Arrived On time
UA3457 (PWM) Portland 08:46 Departed On time
UA240 (STI) Santiago 08:54 In Air
UA1428 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 14:06 Scheduled On time
UA1677 (SXM) Sint Maarten 17:53 Scheduled On time
UA3402 (ATL) Atlanta 17:00 Scheduled On time
UA4474 (CLT) Charlotte 09:17 Scheduled
UA3465 (SAV) Savannah 13:38 Scheduled
UA4973 (PQI) Presque Isle 08:45 Scheduled
UA3410 (DFW) Dallas 13:28 Scheduled
UA1472 (SDQ) Santo Domingo 10:04 Scheduled
UA78 (NRT) Tokyo 16:50 In_Air
UA4443 (RIC) Richmond 08:46 Scheduled
UA4579 (ORF) Norfolk 17:30 Scheduled
UA3453 (EYW) Key West 13:09 Scheduled On time
UA1803 (SJU) San Juan 05:22 In_Air
UA4997 (MYR) Myrtle Beach 19:29 Scheduled
UA3440 (JAX) Jacksonville 13:59 Scheduled
UA2471 (SAN) San Diego 15:16 Arrived On time
UA2388 (LAS) Las Vegas 07:00 Out_Gate
UA3576 (DFW) Dallas 23:20 In_Gate
UA2506 (BWI) Baltimore 00:05 In_Air
UA4546 (CLT) Charlotte 19:54 Arrived On time
UA784 (RSW) Fort Myers 13:17 Arrived On time
UA631 (PHX) Phoenix 19:51 Arrived On time
UA2637 (MIA) Miami 11:10 Arrived On time
UA783 (PDX) Portland 21:50 In_Gate
UA3621 (MSY) New Orleans 22:17 In_Gate
UA4412 (DCA) Washington 16:38 In_Gate
UA542 (SJD) San Jose Cabo 21:08 Arrived On time
UA3549 (CHS) Charleston 19:29 In_Gate
UA3569 (SAV) Savannah 20:21 In_Gate
UA2153 (MIA) Miami 19:26 In_Gate
UA2479 (ATL) Atlanta 20:41 Landed
UA4557 (DTW) Detroit 19:25 In_Gate
UA4496 (IND) Indianapolis 14:00 In_Air
UA472 (RDU) Raleigh 20:05 In_Gate
UA2693 (MCO) Orlando 11:30 Unknown
UA4851 (IAD) Dulles 17:20 Arrived On time
UA3575 (JAX) Jacksonville 11:21 Arrived Delayed by 1h 1m
UA3427 (CLT) Charlotte 16:19 Arrived On time
UA4824 (ROC) Rochester 17:35 In_Gate
UA85 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 16:50 In_Gate
UA3564 (PWM) Portland 17:30 In_Gate
UA3660 (ORF) Norfolk 17:30 In_Gate
UA4558 (STL) Saint Louis 16:35 In_Gate
UA1837 (POP) Puerto Plata 16:49 In_Gate
UA3567 (SAV) Savannah 16:08 Arrived On time
UA3698 (MSP) Minneapolis 13:25 Arrived On time
UA4589 (RIC) Richmond 16:16 In_Gate
UA4547 (CMH) Columbus 16:25 In_Gate
UA4553 (CVG) Cincinnati 16:25 In_Gate
UA3449 (DTW) Detroit 09:37 Arrived On time
UA3600 (BUF) Buffalo 13:39 Arrived On time
UA2200 (ORD) Chicago 13:58 In_Gate
UA3559 (HHH) Hilton Head 15:03 In_Gate
UA4863 (SYR) Syracuse 13:37 In_Gate
UA3589 (MYR) Myrtle Beach 12:59 In_Gate
UA4534 (CLE) Cleveland 13:27 In_Gate
UA810 (MXP) Milan 13:05 In_Gate
UA1605 (MCO) Orlando 10:29 Arrived On time
UA1229 (PBI) West Palm Beach 11:47 Arrived On time
UA789 (TPA) Tampa 11:38 In_Gate
UA1076 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 11:21 Arrived On time
UA4577 (ORF) Norfolk 08:55 In_Gate
UA3522 (BUF) Buffalo 09:09 In_Gate
UA1081 (SJO) San Jose 20:02 Arrived On time
UA4612 (DCA) Washington 12:21 Landed
UA684 (RSW) Fort Myers 22:32 In_Gate
UA362 (HNL) Honolulu 07:01 In_Air
UA1446 (LIR) Liberia 23:34 In_Gate
UA2450 (SAP) San Pedro Sula 21:20 Arrived On time
UA434 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 21:51 Arrived On time
UA2081 (PBI) West Palm Beach 21:47 In_Gate
UA1065 (MIA) Miami 21:56 In_Gate
UA463 (PUJ) Punta Cana 19:38 Arrived On time
UA1202 (TPA) Tampa 19:54 Arrived On time
UA1043 (AUA) Aruba 21:02 In_Gate
UA2378 (MCO) Orlando 20:29 In_Gate
UA1595 (BZE) Belize City 21:05 Landed
UA1206 (MBJ) Montego Bay 19:05 Arrived On time
UA8158 (YUL) Montreal 19:37 Arrived On time
UA3048 (SFO) San Francisco 16:45 Arrived On time
UA8839 (FRA) Frankfurt 16:10 Scheduled On time
UA2799 (FRA) Frankfurt 14:35 Arrived On time
UA9842 (VIE) Vienna 13:50 Departed On time
UA3666 (CHS) Charleston 13:31 Departed On time
UA135 (ZRH) Zurich 12:45 In_Gate
UA4885 (BUF) Buffalo 13:40 In_Air
UA8154 (YUL) Montreal 09:57 Arrived On time
UA2763 (ILN) Wilmington 16:45 Cancelled
UA3634 (PVD) Providence 09:15 In_Gate
UA3681 (ROC) Rochester 08:49 In_Gate
UA4610 (SYR) Syracuse 08:33 Landed
UA1070 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta 20:25 Arrived On time
UA1460 (NAS) Nassau 20:20 Departed On time
UA3639 (CLE) Cleveland 14:00 Arrived On time
UA2789 (LHR) London 14:10 Arrived On time
UA3688 (RDU) Raleigh 08:27 In_Gate
UA9255 (MUC) Munich 18:45 Departed On time
UA3047 (PBI) West Palm Beach 17:08 Landed
UA8504 (YYZ) Toronto 10:06 Departed Delayed by 25m
UA2766 (LHR) London 22:15 In Air
UA3040 (ORD) Chicago 23:10 In_Air
UA3441 (CLT) Charlotte 19:54 In_Gate
UA2828 (MXP) Milan 20:25 In Air
UA2743 (ORD) Chicago 08:20 In_Air
UA2445 (TPA) Tampa 12:38 In_Gate
UA2418 (LAX) Los Angeles 16:30 Arrived On time
UA1528 (IAH) Houston 18:57 Arrived On time
UA3717 (SRQ) Sarasota 17:34 Arrived On time
UA2530 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 16:06 Arrived On time
UA1900 (SFO) San Francisco 19:27 In_Gate
UA1660 (RDU) Raleigh 08:59 Arrived On time
UA1448 (IAD) Dulles 19:00 Arrived On time
UA4560 (PIT) Pittsburgh 17:32 In_Gate
UA1842 (ORD) Chicago 17:32 In_Gate
UA3633 (RDU) Raleigh 16:21 In_Gate
UA4408 (STL) Saint Louis 16:05 In_Gate
UA1914 (MCO) Orlando 16:29 In_Gate
UA4998 (MYR) Myrtle Beach 14:14 In_Gate
UA2455 (AUS) Austin 13:32 Arrived On time
UA1504 (PBI) West Palm Beach 13:02 In_Air
UA4983 (MYR) Myrtle Beach 12:59 In_Air
UA3643 (ATL) Atlanta 09:15 Arrived On time
UA3675 (IND) Indianapolis 09:16 Arrived On time
UA2359 (RSW) Fort Myers 12:47 Arrived On time
UA4495 (DTW) Detroit 19:25 In_Gate
UA1591 (SEA) Seattle 16:27 Arrived On time
UA4511 (STL) Saint Louis 13:20 In_Gate
UA1831 (RSW) Fort Myers 21:42 In_Gate
UA1703 (TPA) Tampa 19:39 Arrived On time
UA1621 (SDF) Louisville 13:59 Arrived On time
UA2722 (SXM) Sint Maarten 13:34 In_Gate
UA2721 (SXM) Sint Maarten 20:34 Cancelled
UA1705 (BOS) Boston 08:03 In_Gate
UA3030 (IAH) Houston 23:41 Arrived On time
UA2697 (VCV) Victorville 17:40 Past_Flight
UA3011 (MCO) Orlando 15:50 In_Gate
UA1766 (BOS) Boston 07:18 Landed
UA139 (KEF) Reykjavik 14:05 Landed
UA3012 (BOM) Mumbai 05:30 Landed
UA2206 (PBI) West Palm Beach 09:24 Landed
UA1517 (BOS) Boston 07:48 Arrived On time
UA3604 (BGR) Bangor 09:25 Unknown
UA1712 (TPA) Tampa 13:28 Landed
UA2790 (IAH) Houston 14:00 In_Air
UA1795 (RSW) Fort Myers 21:47 Landed
UA1717 (PBI) West Palm Beach 21:17 Landed
UA1789 (MCO) Orlando 21:29 Landed
UA3042 (SAP) San Pedro Sula 16:35 Landed
UA8170 (YUL) Montreal 19:37 Unknown
UA2089 (SJU) San Juan 18:24 Landed
UA1733 (MCO) Orlando 21:09 Landed
UA2039 (CUN) Cancun 20:53 Landed
UA1755 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 19:26 Landed
UA1709 (MCO) Orlando 21:24 Delayed >3h
UA1786 (MIA) Miami 22:31 Landed
UA1708 (MCO) Orlando 19:14 Landed
UA1247 (IAD) Dulles 12:25 Landed
UA1714 (TPA) Tampa 16:09 Landed
UA1791 (PBI) West Palm Beach 21:17 Landed
UA3286 (RSW) Fort Myers 17:07 Landed
UA1506 (MSP) Minneapolis 13:12 Landed
UA1674 (DTW) Detroit 08:57 Landed
UA3605 (ROC) Rochester 08:49 Landed
UA1197 (TPA) Tampa 16:34 Landed
UA1820 (IAH) Houston 21:39 Landed
UA1688 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 10:55 Landed
UA1672 (MSY) New Orleans 22:37 Landed
UA3645 (CLE) Cleveland 13:33 Landed Late
UA2360 (DEN) Denver 05:29 Landed
UA8570 (YYC) Calgary 14:49 Scheduled
UA2329 (ORD) Chicago 21:18 Landed
UA2470 (SRQ) Sarasota 15:02 Landed
UA1047 (CUN) Cancun 12:47 Landed
UA2097 (NAS) Nassau 19:19 Landed
UA2250 (LAS) Las Vegas 07:12 Landed
UA3612 (TPA) Tampa 13:24 Landed
UA1834 (DFW) Dallas 23:17 Landed
UA2057 (JAC) Jackson 20:42 Landed
UA2394 (BOS) Boston 13:37 Landed
UA1064 (MEX) Mexico City 15:43 Landed
UA2453 (MTJ) Montrose 20:17 Landed
UA1257 (MIA) Miami 19:33 Landed
UA1626 (LIR) Liberia 23:01 Landed
UA2333 (BZN) Belgrade 20:18 Landed Late
UA2062 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta 20:32 Landed Late
UA1880 (SXM) Sint Maarten 20:18 Landed
UA1490 (STI) Santiago 16:40 Landed
UA1617 (MIA) Miami 18:03 Landed
UA1615 (IAH) Houston 21:35 Landed
UA1639 (MIA) Miami 16:27 Landed
UA269 (BOG) Bogota 16:00 Landed
UA2417 (PDX) Portland 07:04 Landed
UA2117 (HDN) Hayden 18:03 Landed
UA4111 (IND) Indianapolis 13:00 Landed
UA49 (BOM) Mumbai 05:40 Unknown
UA2808 (LHR) London 05:13 In_Gate
UA6381 (ABE) Allentown 09:00 Landed
UA6383 (ABE) Allentown 17:00 Landed
UA2835 (AUA) Aruba 14:53 Landed
UA2411 (BNA) Nashville 16:12 Landed
UA4917 (RIC) Richmond 17:35 Landed
UA3709 (RDU) Raleigh 19:59 Landed
UA4899 (BUF) Buffalo 17:30 Landed
UA1961 (MIA) Miami 16:03 Landed
UA2836 (NRT) Tokyo 17:35 Landed
UA815 (SKB) Saint Kitts 18:47 Landed
UA2632 (CID) Cedar Rapids 00:45 Landed Late
UA1760 (RSW) Fort Myers 13:40 Landed
UA817 (AUS) Austin 13:40 Landed
UA8100 (TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo 15:39 Landed
UA2562 (LCK) Columbus 16:45 Landed Late
UA2202 (ORD) Chicago 23:14 Landed
UA8378 (YYZ) Toronto 20:05 Landed
UA2469 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 17:25 Landed
UA843 (CLE) Cleveland 16:55 Landed
UA1991 (RDU) Raleigh 08:56 Landed
UA1882 (LAX) Los Angeles 06:58 Landed
UA2534 (BED) Bedford/Hanscom 18:30 Departed Late
UA3322 (IND) Indianapolis 07:46 Landed
UA2217 (SJU) San Juan 20:09 Landed
UA31 (MUC) Munich 15:25 Landed
UA2313 (DFW) Dallas 20:53 Landed
UA2537 (SEA) Seattle 19:20 Cancelled
UA2336 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 21:49 Landed
UA612 (ORF) Norfolk 08:44 Landed
UA2522 (LAF) Lafayette 23:00 Landed
UA921 (TPA) Tampa 11:42 Landed
UA4984 (ORF) Norfolk 14:02 Landed
UA4975 (ROC) Rochester 09:19 Landed
UA8714 (YYZ) Toronto 10:05 Landed
UA1988 (CUN) Cancun 12:50 Landed
UA2447 (RSW) Fort Myers 10:51 Landed
UA4049 (MEM) Memphis 21:52 Landed
UA8678 (YYZ) Toronto 16:24 Unknown
UA2306 (MIA) Miami 11:29 Unknown
UA10 (BOM) Mumbai 06:40 Landed
UA2293 (SFO) San Francisco 15:53 Landed
UA24 (SNN) Shannon 14:45 Landed
UA4100 (LNK) Lincoln 01:15 Landed
UA83 (DEL) Delhi 04:55 Cancelled
UA125 (ATH) Athens 16:20 Landed
UA88 (PEK) Beijing 17:50 Landed
UA18 (MXP) Milan 13:55 Landed
UA2142 (ORD) Chicago 19:34 Landed
UA1977 (IAH) Houston 16:59 Landed
UA145 (OPO) Porto 15:30 Delayed >3h
UA965 (NAP) Naples 14:05 Landed
UA4079 (PWM) Portland 08:59 Unknown
UA963 (TXL) Berlin 14:00 Landed
UA87 (PVG) Shanghai 18:00 Landed
UA65 (LIS) Lisbon 14:40 Scheduled
UA50 (MAD) Madrid 14:55 Scheduled
UA4225 (PIT) Pittsburgh 15:01 Cancelled
UA883 (LHR) London 11:05 Cancelled
UA1812 (DEN) Denver 11:41 Landed
UA2187 (RSW) Fort Myers 16:59 Landed
UA2875 (ALB) Albany 14:35 Scheduled
UA2910 (ZWI) 07:46 Scheduled
UA2902 (PHL) Philadelphia 11:20 No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA2903 (EWR) Newark 17:02 Scheduled
UA2871 (ZVE) New Haven 10:16 Scheduled
UA2914 (ZWI) 09:54 No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA2870 (EWR) Newark 13:06 Scheduled
UA2912 (EWR) Newark 23:01 Scheduled
UA2904 (ZWI) 16:58 No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
UA2879 (MUC) Munich 11:05 No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
UA2908 (ZVE) New Haven 06:44 No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA2869 (SJU) San Juan 17:19 Scheduled
UA2909 (EWR) Newark 19:55 Scheduled
UA2896 (MUC) Munich 12:25 No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA2894 (ZVE) New Haven 12:55 Scheduled
UA2888 (ZVE) New Haven 09:35 No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
UA2867 (SJU) San Juan 15:26 Scheduled
UA2881 (BRI) Bari 20:40 No Recent Info - Call Airline
UA2873 (ZVE) New Haven 14:19 Scheduled
UA2882 (BLQ) Bologna 18:10 Scheduled
UA2886 (FLR) Florence 11:00 Scheduled
UA2877 (IAD) Dulles 23:06 Scheduled
UA2898 (ZVE) New Haven 07:50 No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
UA2913 (ZWI) 17:59 Scheduled
UA2892 (VCE) Venice 10:35 Scheduled
UA2900 (ZWI) 21:29 Scheduled
UA2890 (ZVE) New Haven 11:00 Scheduled
UA887 (LIM) Lima 07:55 Cancelled
UA17 (LHR) London 13:05 Landed
UA2266 (PDX) Portland 14:14 Cancelled
UA997 (MIA) Miami 11:03 Cancelled
UA8546 (YUL) Montreal 21:39 Landed
UA4037 (IND) Indianapolis 14:29 Unknown
UA831 (ORD) Chicago 15:15 Cancelled
UA8487 (YUL) Montreal 20:34 Landed
UA2174 (PBI) West Palm Beach 08:49 Landed
UA979 (DEN) Denver 23:18 Cancelled
UA8202 (YYZ) Toronto 11:28 Landed
UA4240 (IND) Indianapolis 22:37 Landed
UA37 (EDI) Edinburgh 12:00 Cancelled
UA4051 (MSN) Madison 16:02 Unknown
UA1905 (SRQ) Sarasota 21:23 Cancelled
UA121 (BCN) Barcelona 15:10 Scheduled
UA9616 (DUS) Dusseldorf 15:50 Cancelled
UA2335 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale 19:06 Landed
UA8503 (YYZ) Toronto 16:03 Unknown
UA3332 (LHR) London 14:10 Landed
UA8175 (TPA) Tampa 16:44 Cancelled
UA80 (MAN) Manchester 13:00 Cancelled
UA941 (LHR) London 19:25 Cancelled
UA3299 (RSW) Fort Myers 18:38 Landed
UA3297 (PBI) West Palm Beach 17:32 Landed
UA2942 (EWR) Newark 16:40 Scheduled
UA7585 (PEK) Beijing 10:10 Scheduled
UA2618 (PIT) Pittsburgh 01:55 Landed
UA180 (HKG) Hong Kong 13:25 Cancelled
UA2941 (ABE) Allentown 14:30 Scheduled
UA8704 (YYZ) Toronto 18:02 Landed
UA8708 (YYZ) Toronto 12:37 Landed
UA162 (GLA) Glasgow 11:35 Landed
UA3325 (CLT) Charlotte 19:40 Landed
UA169 (VCE) Venice 14:35 Landed
UA187 (PRG) Prague 13:30 Landed
UA55 (CDG) Paris 15:40 Cancelled
UA75 (MCI) Kansas City 09:00 Scheduled
UA94 (MSP) Minneapolis 09:00 Scheduled
UA111 (RDU) Raleigh 09:00 Scheduled
UA108 (PIT) Pittsburgh 09:00 Scheduled
UA8280 (YOW) Ottawa 20:20 Landed
UA8082 (YOW) Ottawa 11:45 Landed
UA3276 (JAN) Jackson 13:20 Landed Late
UA3275 (STL) Saint Louis 15:15 Cancelled
UA3272 (ALB) Albany 16:00 Cancelled
UA966 (DUB) Dublin 15:35 Landed
UA2943 (ABE) Allentown 07:30 Landed