United Airlines flight arrivals to Charlotte Airport (CLT)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Charlotte is GMT -5:00. Local Time at Charlotte airport is 22:22 PM 2021-05-17

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA4669 (DEN) Denver 23:04 Departed Delayed by 43m
UA3665 (ORD) Chicago 13:42 Arrived On time
UA3673 (ORD) Chicago 17:19 Arrived On time
UA366 (IAH) Houston 23:38 Cancelled
UA6042 (IAH) Houston 15:30 Arrived On time
UA6050 (IAH) Houston 13:05 Scheduled On time
UA6022 (IAD) Dulles 19:31 Departed On time
UA3472 (EWR) Newark 16:42 Departed On time
UA4570 (ORD) Chicago 12:06 Arrived On time
UA3523 (EWR) Newark 20:25 Scheduled On time
UA5613 (DEN) Denver 15:03 Arrived On time
UA4500 (EWR) Newark 11:02 Scheduled On time
UA4598 (ORD) Chicago 21:10 Arrived On time
UA4521 (ORD) Chicago 17:16 Arrived On time
UA3571 (ORD) Chicago 21:12 Scheduled On time
UA3378 (ORD) Chicago 21:45 In Air
UA3648 (ORD) Chicago 12:09 Arrived On time
UA8314 (YYZ) Toronto 18:09 Landed
UA4182 (ORD) Chicago 21:07 Landed
UA8311 (YYZ) Toronto 11:19 Cancelled
UA9261 (MUC) Munich 18:00 Cancelled
UA3392 (CVG) Cincinnati 21:20 Landed Late