United Airlines flight arrivals to Auckland Airport (AKL)

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Auckland is GMT 13:00. Local Time at Auckland airport is 05:41 AM 2021-03-01

Flight Origin Schedule Arrival Status
UA6814 (CHC) Christchurch 17:25 Scheduled Delayed by 55m
UA6774 (SYD) Sydney 17:05 Cancelled
UA6780 (MEL) Melbourne 17:55 Cancelled
UA6808 (DUD) Dunedin 16:45 Scheduled On time
UA6753 (LAX) Los Angeles 07:00 Scheduled On time
UA6734 (CHC) Christchurch 15:25 Scheduled On time
UA6743 (ZQN) Queenstown 18:10 Departed Delayed by 34m
UA6772 (SYD) Sydney 15:00 Departed Delayed by 4h 37m
UA6740 (WLG) Wellington 19:05 Arrived On time
UA6769 (RAR) Rarotonga 18:25 Scheduled On time
UA6784 (BNE) Brisbane 18:15 Arrived On time
UA6810 (CHC) Christchurch 18:25 Schedule
UA6736 (DUD) Dunedin 12:05 Schedule
UA6742 (DUD) Dunedin 12:05 Schedule
UA6760 (CHC) Christchurch 19:25 Schedule
UA6746 (ZQN) Queenstown 18:10 Arrived On time
UA6761 (CHC) Christchurch 12:55 Arrival
UA6751 (LAX) Los Angeles 05:30 Scheduled On time
UA6763 (NAN) Nadi 17:10 Schedule
UA6732 (CHC) Christchurch 15:55 Landed
UA6744 (CHC) Christchurch 20:55 Landed
UA6824 (ZQN) Queenstown 18:45 Landed
UA6828 (DUD) Dunedin 20:55 Landed Late
UA6755 (SFO) San Francisco 05:45 Scheduled Delayed by 17m
UA6816 (WLG) Wellington 17:50 Unknown
UA6737 (WLG) Wellington 19:10 Landed Late
UA6822 (WLG) Wellington 13:35 Landed
UA6727 (ORD) Chicago 06:45 Unknown
UA917 (SFO) San Francisco 08:20 Cancelled
UA6826 (DUD) Dunedin 17:40 Scheduled
UA6748 (ZQN) Queenstown 18:30 Landed
UA6757 (HNL) Honolulu 17:25 Departed Delayed by 1h 21m
UA6805 (IAH) Houston 20:50 Arrived On time
UA6818 (CHC) Christchurch 11:25 Arrived On time
UA6738 (WLG) Wellington 17:20 Landed
UA6806 (ADL) Adelaide 18:40 Unknown
UA6778 (SYD) Sydney 22:30 Landed
UA6788 (PER) Perth 06:00 Arrived On time
UA6782 (MEL) Melbourne 00:20 Landed
UA6776 (WLG) Wellington 18:20 Unknown
UA6770 (SYD) Sydney 23:00 Unknown
UA6730 (PER) Perth 18:15 Unknown
UA6767 (RAR) Rarotonga 11:20 Landed
UA6765 (NAN) Nadi 00:25 Arrived
UA6733 (RAR) Rarotonga 06:00 Landed Late